Shakespeare Vampires: Mark Anthony Cleopatra C.J.E.


Published: April 20th 2011


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Shakespeare  Vampires: Mark Anthony  Cleopatra  by  C.J.E.

Shakespeare Vampires: Mark Anthony Cleopatra by C.J.E.
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Introduction:There was once a tale told in history of Cleopatra, Anthony and her Caesar. Neither man nor nation could ever tame her or please her. Only the heart could contain her, hold her, appease or seize her. The birth of a son and the bite of an asp released her from capture, but the bite of a vampire blood-drinker made her the Queen of Egypt that lived forever! She was most admired, with passion like fire, and well desired.In this rendition of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra the classic Shakespearian play is novelized with background information about Shakespeare’s personal life, infused with a vampire mythology and fable.

Shakespeare is a husband and a father who struggles to balance his flourishing career with friends and family issues.Trouble arises when Richard Burbage, Shakespeare’s best friend and actor in his troupe Chamberlain’s Men is bitten by a bevy of vampire maidens sent from the vampire queen Serinity. Will, Ann and Richard encounter curses, cures, witches, and fierce winter storms along the Avon River near Stratford. Will seeks help from his new muse Isis (an ancient Egyptian vampire queen) to find the cure for blood lust when he and his wife Ann are bitten as well!

Will must present his newest play to King James and retrieve a lock of his hair to complete a cure for vampirism.Author:The author C.J.E. has a deep fascination with supernatural as well as a foundation in religious themes that combines the biographical feel of the memoir with the fictional feel of a novel all encapsulated in a vampire fantasy world of danger and mystery.

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