Jack and Eddie Linda Stephenson



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Jack and Eddie  by  Linda Stephenson

Jack and Eddie by Linda Stephenson
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Former Detective Chief Inspector Jacky Lunn is enjoying her early retirement. She is hoping to expand her hobby as a water colour artist. The local museum have accepted two of her paintings for their new art gallery, with an option on a third. Then her former Detective Inspector, Eddie Smart, currently on long term sick leave, calls on her. He has a new lead in Jackys last big case, the murder of 17 year old Lucy Dylan. Jacky was unable to catch the killer before she left. Lucys mum claims Lucy sent a message at a séance to say her uncle, Harry Dylan was involved in the murder.

Harry was one of Jackys sergeants and is now acting Detective Inspector. Eddie wants to follow up the allegation and asks Jacky to help. Jacky thinks it is a crack pot idea, but agrees to do one inquiry, just for Lucys mums sake. But one inquiry leads to another and soon Jacky is embroiled in the murder investigation, the outcome of which might torpedo her fledgling painting career.

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