Aber Das Ist Eigentlich Mein Geburtstag! Lauren Child

ISBN: 9783596853007

Published: 2008


Aber Das Ist Eigentlich Mein Geburtstag!  by  Lauren Child

Aber Das Ist Eigentlich Mein Geburtstag! by Lauren Child
2008 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9783596853007 | 5.68 Mb

Charlie and Lola- This is actually my party by Lauren Child:This book is based on a popular TV show called Charlie and Lola, which is about a boy called Charlie who has a younger sister called Lola. Its Charlie’s birthday and he is having a monster themed party with all his friends. Lola is very excited and gets carried away planning the party the way she wants- even making pink fairy cakes.

Once the party starts Lola ends up taking over the party and starts opening Charlie presents and blows out his birthday candles. She then notices that her brother is upset and she asks him why and he tells her that it is his party not hers, so he should be the one opening the presents and deciding what games to play. Lola then apologises and while Charlie and his friends are playing monster games in the garden, she makes monster themed party bags to give to all of Charlie’s friends. When they return inside they all notice Lola’s pink fairy cakes which become a favourite at the end of the day.

Even Charlie says he likes the pink icing.I really enjoyed this book because it outlines typical behaviour present in every household and reminds me of the time when my younger brother would always follow me around and copy everything I would do. I would recommend this book for 4-7 year olds because the children can relate to the characters in the book, because they may be the older brother/sister who has a younger brother/sister who is always imitating what they do because they look up to them as a role model.

The book can be used for to develop creative writing skills, whereby the children are asked to write a story about their younger/older brother and sister and what they enjoy doing together.

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